About us

Good afternoon. Here I will talk about the Equmo team and some of the projects that we implement.

The direction of activity is connected with "hardware" - design of parts, assemblies, structures, technologies, as well as their subsequent implementation. We can do everything from a small part to automated lines. We have access to technologies for coating and processing products that are used even in aviation.

If you were denied in other places, come to us. We consider each project individually, from different points of view, taking into account the possibilities for its production and current technologies. With each project we become more experienced.

It is never "just business".

If a person turned to us, it means that he “really needs it”. And we will definitely support his idea, if it does not contradict physics, logic and budget. This will be a real partnership, and even more - we treat our customers and suppliers as friends, achieving a high level of mutual understanding and respect. Thanks to this attitude, we manage to create competitive and technologically advanced products at an affordable price in today's market.

The Equmo team brings together people from different cities of Russia. All of them are passionate about their work: design engineers, technologists, turners, millers, gear cutters. In our work, we adhere to the classic rule: If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

Contractor's Pyramid

Since most of the projects are exclusive and single (or small in volume), in order to maintain an adequate price for manufacturing, we try to produce these parts/assemblies between large lots/orders, this takes time.

P.S. Equmo stands for equipment for motion - means for movement.
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