Boats history

Project 334. Borey (II version). Dry and unclear what it is. With a high probability it could be a tank or something from space. But is this a Soviet water ski boat that came to our workshop at Restomod or Pro Touring or remanufacturing? For those who want to immediately move on to working on the boat and not get caught up in the story, you can move on to working on the boat. And for those who like to read history.. Welcome

Studying the history of a particular tugboat (tugboat, towing vehicle for water skiers) I had to spend a lot of time in archives and study literature. In the process of collecting information from grains of sand, the history of Soviet tugboats emerged: first wooden, then plastic.

The history of Soviet water ski towboats is inextricably linked with the plant that produced them: the Leningrad Experimental Sports Shipbuilding Plant. At the beginning of its development as a factory, the company produced boats, then wooden boats for recreational parks. Specialized in rowing boats, sports yachts, trimarans and sports equipment.